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This Environmental IT Environmental ("ENV-ITE") system has been established by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) for the use of businesses or entities required to file reports or other data pursuant to federal and state laws and regulations. By affixing my electronic signature to any documents or data and by choosing to submit documents and data through the WDEQ’s ENV-ITE system, I certify, acknowledge, and/or agree as follows:
  • I am responsible for protecting my PIN, answers to secret questions from compromise;
  • That I am the duly authorized representative of the business or entity associated with the electronic signature credential assigned to me by the WDEQ and that I am uniquely entitled to use the signature device;
  • That the data I am submitting is true and correct to the best of my knowledge;
  • That I may be subject to civil or administrative enforcement and penalties for failure to comply with reporting requirements under regulatory programs applicable to the business or entity I represent;
  • That I may be subject to criminal liability for false certification of the data submitted; and
  • That I am free to discontinue any transaction prior to finalization; otherwise, the document will be submitted to the WDEQ and the transaction will be complete, subject to my opportunity to repudiate the document as submitted in a human-readable format.
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